Gerhard Eiben of Wittmund shown in the dunes with his Weimaraners Pelle and Tinka. Pelle is a littermate of my dog, Piezl. Note the heavy vegetation that covers the dunes.

Gerhard is treasurer of the Weimaraner Klub of Germany.

Group photo out in the dunes. About 23 hunters took part this year. I'm the old goat at the left end of the middle row.
Weimaraners have been bred for over 200 years in Germany to hunt, point and retrieve rabbits as well as birds.

Some die-hard enthusiasts of the North American, pointer-oriented, field trials have trouble dealing with the concept. (Although rabbit is delicious on the table.)

Rabbit hunting on Baltrum requires fast reactions since the gunner usually has only one or two seconds before bunny finds its burrow.

(left: Nana and Esta)

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