Dressed for Dinner?

German Weimaraner owners demand that their dogs have good manners. Not only are hunting areas small, but the dogs have to live within crowded conditions.

Americans are usually amazed to see dogs in restaurants.

Here's a picture from the Strandhotel Wietjes dining room. There were about 20 well-behaved Weimaraners (and a couple of German Longhaired Pointers) in the dining room at the same time.

 No, the dogs didn't try to steal food off the tables.


King Jürgen

Jürgen Rogahn was crowed "King" of the hunt, having killed the most critters. You can see Jürgen's web page at http://weimaraner-langhaar.de/index2.html

(Google can render an understandable translation if you don't read German)




Sacking Up

Karl Walch and Hans Schmidt put the game in sacks for the return trip to the mainland. According to German custom, the hunters must pay the landowner for the game after it is shot. (Although hunting privileges were included in the cost of the room) Cost of each rabbit was €1.50 each.


That's it.

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